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    German bank exposure to debt and depositors

    You make that sound like a bad thing. For shareholders it is very bad. For depositors, it means your deposits are owed to you by the German state. When looking to give your money to someone who will pay you back, there aren't many better options.
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    Ulster Bank & Irish Deposit Guarantee

    RBS are not in good shape. In fact it is their exposure to Ireland that is one of the main reasons why it is seen as at risk.
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    Deposit Protection Germany

    Commerzbank are enormous and have enormous exposure to Italy in particular. I wouldn't buy shares in them, buy I have no problem with depositing money with them. Shareholders are selling because they will probably have their holdings diluted by recapitalisation. Depositors should welcome...
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    Key Post Opening an account with KeyTrade Belgium

    Dexia is a very different animal from Keytrade. Completely different models, different scales. The way our entire banking system collectively broke down was unusual, and based on the fact that they were all up to their eyes in the property bubble. All depends on what Keytrade is holding.
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    Key Post Opening an account with KeyTrade Belgium

    CA group owns Keytrade, but CA bank in France is what has the big exposure to Greece. Sort of like AIB bank Ireland almost going under didn't threaten the AIB groups Polish bank deposits which were in a separate bank in a separate jurisdiction. I've never seen Keytrade's debt holdings, so I...
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    German Bunds v German Deposit Account

    It is an official state body.
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    Opening an account in Germany

    I'm trying to deteremine this too. The link below isn't very comprehensive, but interesting all the same. I'll be steering clear of Commerzbank sorry - can't post full URL as I've too few posts. Jut add http...
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    Key Post Opening an account with KeyTrade Belgium

    Keytrade are one bank and Credit Agricole are a different bank - both owned by the Credit Agricole Group. Just like AIB owned a US bank. Even if AIB Ireland went under I don't see how the depositors with the US bank would necessarily be affected as they are seperate entities.
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    Have letter of offer from bank - redundancy looming

    So this fella is wondering if he can avoid getting caught for the financial version of drink driving?
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    How to hold on to assets if Ireland leaves the euro

    Rabo say they'd make a decision at that point which made sense, but in all likelihood they would be compelled to change it to 'Irish' euro's by legislation
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    Deposit safety 300k

    Fair point
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    Deposit safety 300k

    I'm likely to be in a similar sort of situation in the next few weeks and like the OP I'm a bit concerned about the security. Nationwide depositors are covered for £50k by the FSA guarantee. That leaves a lot of cash (theoretically, at least) vulnerable out of €300k, right? Is there merit in...
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    Definition of floor area

    Should a shed, that is accessed externally, but built into in the main structure of a house be included in the floor area?
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    Declined for Mortgage for 185k. my annual earings are 33k gross.

    Direct labour generally means that you don't employ a builder to take the job from beginning to end - you hire all the sub contractors, provide their materials and get your hands dirty to keep the project ticking along. But you earn the 15%+ that you save. I've recently got a quote and the price...
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    when to put house on market?

    True enough it is just a bonus, and I know it is very much a personal preference thing, and probably no more than the OP, a nice big garden will be very high up on my list of priorities when buying. As it is a rural location I'm hoping that one of the things that will differentiate us from...
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    when to put house on market?

    I'm in the same boat and wondering the same thing. There's a big garden and it looks its best from about May onwards. When does the selling season begin in earnest?