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    Why is there no concern about the state's unfunded pension liabilities?

    Protocol, What is the transition pension you are talking about?
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    FAI and the €5M

    I can't believe for a minute the FAI would genuinely consider a court case against FIFA.
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    Good article on why we should not be borrowing to pay increases to public servants

    They did not reach an agreement last night but what seems to be definite is €1,000 increase for each worker introduced on an incremental scale over 2016. That represents an average 2% increase which I would condier moderate. Where there seems to be disagreement is the unions want this repeated...
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    Good article on why we should not be borrowing to pay increases to public servants

    I just want to back up what Protocol said; that most PS workers I know do not expect a massive increase and certainly not a full reversal of the previous pay cuts. It looks like it will something like a 2% increase if you can believe reports in the paper. I would also like to point out that...
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    New normal retiremant age

    I think even public sector pensions are going to go this way too. PS workers employed after 1995 have the pension combined with the state old age pension so I can see a situation where most people will have to work until their 68 as what they will get between the ages of 65 and 68 will be miniscule.
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    Eurovision turned upside down

    If Australia win this year, does that mean it will host next year's competition? It will be on at something like 8am.
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    Key Post What you can do to get the SVR rate reduced...

    Breandan, Do you know if Danske Bank will be included in this?
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    Difference between laptop and chromebook

    Funny, that's the one I was looking at. €249 in Currys.
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    Difference between laptop and chromebook

    Thanks for the info; it was very helpful.
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    Difference between laptop and chromebook

    What's the difference between a laptop and a chromebook? I need something small (10"/11" screen will do) for surfing the web and writing documents. Can I use word/excel etc on a chromebook?
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    Family friendly resorts on the Lisbon Coast

    I have been to the Algarve a couple of times but am considering taking our summer holidays on the Lisbon coast this yeatr. Does anyone have any suggestions ot towns/resorts close to Lisbon that would be suitable for families? Any suggestions on hotels would be welcome also.
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    Changing Euros to Dollars for holiday in September

    On a related note; I am travelling to London next month with the family. Whats the best way to spend over there? Visa Debit, Visa Credit, buy sterling before going over or take money out of ATM in London?
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    Changing Euros to Dollars for holiday in September

    I'm not an expert at all but I read in one of the Sunday papers that it could go as low as 85 US cents for one euro. It was only one journalist's opinion but maybe something to consider.
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    Family Travelcard for London underground

    Is there such thing as a travelcard for the london underground that would give unlimited travel for a specific number of days for a family? We are travelling there next month and I have a feeling we will be using the underground a bit so would be interested in purchasing a 3-day travel card if...
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    Key Post Have you an SVR mortgage with Danske Bank?

    I have just re-read an e-mail I sent Danske Bank in 2011 regards a query I made about my variable mortgage. I took out a loan with them in 2010 and the options were 3.4% or 3.15% if my loan to value rate was <60%. I qualified for the 3.15%. In November 2011, when the ECB rate was reduced from...
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    Key Post Have you an SVR mortgage with Danske Bank?

    Does anyone know when this decision is due and is it the final word on it or can it be appealed further?
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    Danske Variable Rates

    Hi, I read something over the weekend about a couple that are taking Danske Bank to court becasue their variable rate is much higher than what it should be compared to the low ECB rate at the moment. I only read it briefly and did not get any of the details. Can anyone (Brendan?) give any...
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    Danske Bank Closure

    Whats in it for Pepper to service these loans?
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    Danske Bank/NIB to close down - hold onto your tracker

    I know it is speculation, but could Danske pull a fast one on trackers once they are out of Ireland? Would they have to still use the ECB rate as a reference point? I assume their headquarters are in Denmark, which is not in the eurozone.
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    Newbridge credit union

    It wasnt only loans to developers. I know some that was in trouble with them a couple of years ago. He was given lots of small top up loans and ended up owing them an unsustainsble amount. He certainly had got nowhere near the savings required to receive that loan.