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    Overpayments on Tracker - a mistake?

    You didn't write in to The Money Doctor on Newstalk today did you? He was talking about this exact thing!
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    Should I And can i fix my Mortgage Payment

    I certainly wouldn't "gamble" on the variable. You've already heard from the horse's mouth that they're gonna raise interest rates by 1%, and every man and his dog reckons the ECB is gonna start increasing interest rates twoards the end of the year. So the only way interest rates are going, is...
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    PTSB have witdrawn all fixed term rates to current customers

    It should tell you what your options are in your mortgage agreement.
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    Jerry Can in the Hot Press!

    Just checking back in now guys. Thanks for all the info. It's good to know that the wool isn't being pulled over my eyes.
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    Jerry Can in the Hot Press!

    Thanks Villa. There is a copper pipe going into the can from (what I can only assume is) the heatpump. He said the reason for the can is two fold: 1. In the spec, it says to use a container to catch the antifreeze/coolant in case of the relief valve popping. 2. He said that if it was piped...
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    Jerry Can in the Hot Press!

    Thanks Paddy. Not to sound overly thick, but who would I get to do the survey? Surely a "normal" engineer won't know the ins and outs of a solar system?
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    Jerry Can in the Hot Press!

    Hi all. We're buying a new build house, and it has a solar system installed. What's worrying us though, is as part of the system, there's a Jerry Can in the hotpress, with a copper pipe feeding into it.:eek: Now I don't know about plumbing or solar systems, but I'd have thought that a system...
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    Do KBC offer mortgage payment holidays?

    Not trying to sound smart, but maybe you could ring them? You'd have had it done in the time it took to start a new thread.
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    Replace Gas Boiler with Electric Boiler?

    Thanks DGOBS. Trust me, I don't want a gas fire! Herself is probably the coldest person in the world, and likes the "real flame fires" but without the hassle of cleaning out the grate! So if she gets her way with that (which she does in most things! :o), we may as well keep the gas boiler as...
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    Replace Gas Boiler with Electric Boiler?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I didn't think asking a boiler question would turn into a personal tax audit! Turns out HID wants to keep the gas fire anyway, so we'll probably stick with the gas boiler. So all-in-all, this is a bit of a pointless thread. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.
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    Replace Gas Boiler with Electric Boiler?

    Any further thoughts on this one guys?
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    Sick of heating problems, going electric- suka rads.

    Short term, yes. But in the longer term, the use of renewable energy should reduce the cost of electricity.
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    Replace Gas Boiler with Electric Boiler?

    As an employee of the ESB, I get a discounted rate of electricity. Probably should've explained in the opening post! :o Im interested in Towger's information in it being expensive to install. Can you tell me how expensive? In my naivety, I thought it'd be a case of whip out the gas boiler...
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    Replace Gas Boiler with Electric Boiler?

    Afternoon all. Firstly, if this is in the wrong forum mods, feel free to move it. Now, onto my plight. We're looking at buying a new house in the near future, and at the minute it has GFCH. Is it a big job to change this to electric ie. change the gas boiler to an electric boiler, thus only...
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    In House Kitchens. Has anyone got a Kitchen from them.

    We're in the process of looking for a new kitchen at the minute, and are thinking about In House. I seem to remember someone mentioning before (maybe not on AAM, but somewhere) that if you can get in touch with one of their recommended fitters and order the kitchen through them, they'll...
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    Declined for Mortgage for 185k. my annual earings are 33k gross.

    Re: Declined for Mortgage Apologies. That shoulda been directed at Renter27. Pressed the wrong quote button!
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    Declined for Mortgage for 185k. my annual earings are 33k gross.

    Re: Declined for Mortgage If you don't mind me asking, who gave you a mortgage of 6.2 times your salary? We went for a quick chat with our bank manager the other day, just to get the lay of the land. We've a combined income of €80k, savings of €45k, no loans, clean record, and 5 previous...
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    How to bid on a New build with the builder...

    Your friend is right, start around the €350k mark. You can always come back with a higher offer later. The fact that all the houses are still available means they'll listen to all and every offer.
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    Fixed rate coming to an end

    Don't think you'll get a tracker mortgage at this stage either, so you can knock that one off your list.
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    Making an Offer!

    Offer €330k again, and go up slowly in increments. If you increase your offer by €1000 at a time, you'll obviously get 10 offers made before you reach your current starting price.