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    Anyone been refused life assurance because of ibd/colitis

    I don't think so. I have a problem with this also, and have been given two mortgages since I was diagnosed. I think as long as it doesn't interfere with time off work, it isn't too much of an issue.
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    Cost of registration of an Enduring Power of Attorney

    My brother is getting an EPA organised at the moment and we were given price of €3000, so your bill doesn't seem too bad.
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    Help! Hot water tank (immersion) is leaking.

    When I moved into my house my hot water tank had a leak and I had to get it replaced. Repairing it didn't seem to be an option for some reason. I also had to get a few other plumbing jobs done (nothing major but 3 other jobs). Total cost was €1,000. I hope this helps.
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    First Time Buyer Question - Debt

    I know it's nice to have a cushion of savings in the bank but it doesn't make sense to have it with that much debt. When you pay off your debts you will still have a very healthy €7k. If you can save €1k monthly after clearing your debts, by next June you will have €15k saved again.
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    First Time Buyer Question - Debt

    You don't say how much of a windfall you will be getting, but the way I see it if you plan to pay off the credit card and the personal loan - that's €24k, so you must be getting a windfall of that amount, if not more. If you pay off your credit card bill from your €15k saved, that still...
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    First Time Buyer Question - Debt

    Hi Munsterchap, If I were you I would pay the credit card off with the €15k you have saved, as paying the interest on a cc debt of €14k is crazy when you have savings. Then clear the personal loan and car loan with the December windfall. Then just keep saving, and with no loans you should...
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    Trying to buy a house that was repossessed

    I bought a repossessed house two years ago and it took 6 weeks to complete from time I put in my offer - considering there were judgements attached to the house which were cleared for the sale, this was completed very quickly. I wouldn't know though how long house took to put on the market...
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    Rats in garden

    Better than half a rat! I've been left a few heads over the years. Don't like to think what they do with the rest.
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    Has anyone had a bill yet from Greyhound Recycling on behalf of DublinCityCouncil?

    I got this bill too during the week. I thought I was fully up to date :-( It specifically says on it that it cannot be paid with the Greyhound card. You have to pay it the usual way you used to pay your DCC bill.
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    Where can I park on/near Cork Street for exams - exams longer than Pay & Display max

    I would definitely go with option 3. If you are only 15/20 minutes away, getting a taxi seems like the most stress free solution. You can always get home by public transport after the exam if you don't want the expense.
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    Where can I park on/near Cork Street for exams - exams longer than Pay & Display max

    Hi Truthseeker, Not sure where you are coming from so hard to recommend exact parking, but would you think about parking in a residential area that has no restrictions such as around Clontarf or some areas in Booterstown and getting the dart into town. Then get the Luas rest of way. At...
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    Rottweiler found in my garden

    I'm in tears here at my desk! I do love a happy ending.
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    Issue with lighting in privately managed estate

    Best of luck with sorting it out. Let us know how it goes.
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    Issue with lighting in privately managed estate

    Usually the CRO website will give addresses for all directors so it might be worth checking.
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    Converting gas fireplace into open fire

    Thanks Conshine. Great to have an idea of cost.
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    Unknown Laser Card Transactions

    I'm surprised at the bank. Last December I noticed a strange deduction with my laser card and queried it. Anti-virus protection was purchased (ironically) and not by myself. Bank immediately put a stop on my card, refunded me the amount and I had to fill out a fraud form. No problem with it...
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    How much does it cost to run Askaboutmoney?

    Bit broke at the moment Brendan, but will gladly be making a donation at the end of the month. Scotsgirl
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    Converting gas fireplace into open fire

    Hi Conshine, Would you mind saying how much your quote is as I didn't get the price for it at the time? I had just moved into my house and had other urgent stuff to worry about. Many thanks.
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    Painting living room - Edging on fittings

    Make sure if you are using masking tape that you use low tack tape. Ordinary masking tape can take the paint off walls. You can purchase this in most paint stores.
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    Converting gas fireplace into open fire

    Hi Conshine, I wanted to do the same as you and was told that lining is not made for ordinary fires so would have to be replaced and the granite/marble hearth will have to be cut down the middle to allow expansion with the heat. It will crack otherwise. I think you would need a fireplace...