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    ebs debit card

    If its not incorrect, whats to update? They havent changed product details, and the page is informing customers about tips to save money on using their card???
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    KBC Enter Current Account Market (Details Revealed)

    Dont bank on PTSB being free for ever. The cost of running a full banking service for retail customers is enormous, not charging a fee for the service, whilst popular is not sustainable. Don't forget, the only bank offering "free banking" is the one bank that is on life support awaiting its...
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    Sneaky T&C's in New BoI 3 Year Deposit Product

    This isn't a new product for BOI, they are just rehashing an old one, AIB offer similar "Special Term". The basic rules of the product are set by Revenue, in order to comply with earning a portion of interest DIRT free. I have looked at this at great lengths for banks thinking of introducing the...
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    Deposit re invested without my approval.

    Agree...several insitutions do this, and in fairness its usually plastered on the Terms and Conditions, Account Confirmation Letter, and pre-maturity notification letter, plus there is the cooling off period afterwards, so I dont think its outragous either. What is outragous is people thinking...
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    PTSB Cut Deposit Rates Including INBS & NR Rates (Full List)

    Anyone know when these come into force? Still the old rates on the web, are they all subject to PSD regulations?
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    Is this a sensible strategy: deposits with EBS, PTSB, KBC & UB?

    You also have your deposits in 2 irish banks, not 4. KBC and UB are not Irish owned
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    "All my money is in Irish banks" - Alan McQuaid of Bloxham

    Well said Ghoul...agree with every single point you made in that post, I think certain posters on AAM indeed operate like sheep and post comments that they think people want to see, in exactly the same way the media only gives airwaves and newspaper space to the likes of Hobbs etc...
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    ptsb rate drop

    Im thinking PTSB are having trouble calculating AER on their interest first accounts! All the AER's for the interest first have come down, yet the gross rates have remained the same. 6 Month Gross rate 3.50%, aer now 3.56%, was 3.59% 12 Month Gross rate 3.95%, aer now 4.02%, was 4.10% 18...
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    AIB unilaterally set €100 limit for non-EU ATM withdrawals - no reduction in charges.

    EBS Debit Card charge 1% of the amount withdrawn at ATM for non-euro withdrawals- min is €1.91 and max is €6.00 per withdrawal. They do have other charges attached to the account, but for frequent users of ATM's in non Euro currency countries it could be handy to have this ac to facilate...
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    BOI increasing business lending rates due to deposit rate increases

    Hi, Im posting this here as its deposit related but feel free to move it if its in the wrong forum. Got a letter this morning from Bank of Ireland to advise due to an increase of the banks funding costs, mainly from customer deposits, they are changing the way they calculate their lending...
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    PTSB now paying 4.91% for Term Deposit - New Recent High

    Term is 26 months so its 2 years 2 months according to their website
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    Huge Increase in BoI 2 Year Term Rate - 4.50%

    why are you only concerned with €100k? BOI are in the ELG Scheme, which covers deposits in excess of €00k for the length of term the funds are deposited.
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    Rabo Ignoring ECB Rate Increase ???

    Fixed savings and variable savings are priced not all priced off ECB base rate, so its not correct to state consumers are losing out on .50% on their interest rates. True some accounts this is the case, but fixed deposits in most institutions are benchmarked against EURIBOR rates, which have had...
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    Rabo Ignoring ECB Rate Increase ???

    With eveyone running around talking doomsday about Irish banks and pulling funds and moving them into the likes of Rabo bank, why would they increase the rate? They know they will get custom regardless, as most customers to them are more security then rate driven, and so hence why they pocket...
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    Do Savings Certs have the same (non) safety as Irish government bonds?

    Dont forget this is the same Shane Ross who put Michael Fingleton on a pedestal and sung about how great INBS/Anglo Irish was right up to 2007... For a "financial expert" and editor of the business section of the Sunday Indo no one should ever take advice from this total con-man. and as for the...
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    An Post gaining ground in the savings market

    Think CiaranT's point is more to do with the perception people have that An Post is somewhat "safer" then Irish banks, when in they are not, all are owned by the same owner...the state! Account openings can be a painful process in banks because of all the regulation imposed upon them also...
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    EBS ceases to be mutual.

    I dont recall public outcry in the noughties that EBS was not floated or sold off.... Hindsight is a wonderful thing, everyone thought Irish Nationwide was the best run ship of them all...look at them now Pre- 2007 I found EBS to be very competitive on mortgages & savings which can be argued...
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    Will Government take deposits?

    Its this kind of writing that really annoys me...they have NOT raided the pension funds, they have imposed a levy of 0.60% that will be in place for approx 4 years, to funds a job stimulation programme. What property tax? I havent paid any property tax yet??? We are in a bad enough state...
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    Guardian: Irish Banks Offering "Unsustainable but Super" Deposit Rates

    What Im proposing is for banks to return to what they should be doing... business. How can you justify a bank paying more on deposits then it charges on lending??? The habit of saving should not be driven solely by the best rate, its about as you stated a prudent financial practice, something...
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    Guardian: Irish Banks Offering "Unsustainable but Super" Deposit Rates

    whos trying to discourage the practice of saving? Thats a bit of a stupid statement!