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    Key Post It may be much cheaper than you think to break out of a fixed rate early...

    AIB are acting the maggot .the indicative break fee they quote is driven primarily by the difference in the Mortgage rates (A). If you decide to go ahead they will then calculate the break fee based on the funding cost difference (B). They will then charge you the lower of A or B . This info is...
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    State pension for qualified adult refused as she is joint owner of holiday home

    I would argue that the property is not capable of being put to profitable use . You paid for it , you gifted a joint ownership to your wife and you will not give permission for it to be rented out .
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    Wife overspending on grocery shopping

    I'd say it's fancy lingerie to tittilate her lover
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    Bank of Ireland Update on Bank of Ireland staff who lost trackers

    Don't be getting too upset . The Central Bank and Padraic Kissane are well aware of the intricacies here . Try and put letters of offer ,MFAs and legitimate expectations aside for a while . An overarching fact is that it was Bank policy at least until September 2008 that staff mortgages would be...
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    Low paid workers should be prioritised for social housing

    I think you are confusing the Final Solution with the Financial Solution .
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    Low paid workers should be prioritised for social housing

    The "untermenchen" could always be relocated to camps , fed very little and those that could do menial work kept alive . Probably the cheapest option for the Goverment but it was tried before and was followed by the Nuremberg trials and everlasting odium and shame .
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    Mortgage Interest - Compound Frequency

    Mortgage Interest is neither charged ,compounded nor capitalised every day. Mortgage interest is calculated daily(on the outstanding balance ) and posted to the account monthly or quarterly depending on your financial institution.As far as I'm aware all the old monthly and annual rest accounts...
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    Advice needed on best deposit account to open

    if your mortgage was originally an ICS mortgage you may( if they used the ICS documentation in Oct 15) be able to pay off up to 10% of the balance each year without penalty . Check your documents or ask Dilosk this specific question .
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    Bank of Ireland Bank of Ireland Staff- Lost Tracker

    I think you're correct but there might be an implied contact given the bank's previous behaviour. Unless the bank capitulates it would have to be tested in Court .
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    BOI Tracker Mortgage Issue - what next?

    Just to clarify I'm not a staff member and the 5 cases I refer to were not staff .
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    Bank of Ireland Bank of Ireland Staff- Lost Tracker

    I'd agree with you that it looks like that on the face of it . The logic of all these shenanigans was to provide the best possible rate for staff without incurring BIK and staff unsurprisingly bought into this . But the reality is BoI broke this "trust" in 2008 . My own opinion is that BoI have...
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    Bank of Ireland Bank of Ireland Staff- Lost Tracker

    are you staff ? Don't give hope yet . There's a good bit to go in this process yet . Pauric's presentation to the Oireachtas will turn up the heat on the Banks . Best of luck .
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    Bank of Ireland Bank of Ireland Staff- Lost Tracker

    Not according to Revenue . This seems to have been a huge hang up for BoI .
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    Bank of Ireland Bank of Ireland Staff- Lost Tracker

    Are you referring to staff MFAs or MFAs for "ordinary" customers ? The 5 cases of "ordinary " customers , that I assisted with , who went on 3 year fixed in 2006 , had their requested return to their original tracker margin denied in 2009 but all were subsquently returned to their original...
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    Bank of Ireland Bank of Ireland Staff- Lost Tracker

    "Through incompetence they sold a product without understanding it could bring down the bank or at least cost them a fortune. Despite paying a CEO 2 million a year they didn't understand fundamental banking principles of risk" . This is also completely incorrect . Most of the senior management...
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    Bank of Ireland Bank of Ireland Staff- Lost Tracker

    This post is complete fiction . Nobody in BoI attempted to "relieve " customers of their trackers before Autumn 2008
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    KBC not showing DIRT-amount(s)

    Divide the net amount by 0.59 to get the gross amount . revenue are not going to be bothered by a few pence rounding .
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    BoI restoring my tracker at 1.25%

    I'd be surprised if an ICS Mortgage issued in 2006 did not have a roll to tracker option . is there anything re margin over ECB in the "special conditions " section ? another alternate reason is that when your original fixed rate expired in 2008 ( pre Oct ? ) you should have been offered a...
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    Richie Boucher: BoI is deliberately charging a high SVR to encourage people to fix

    Should be great fun when Richie contests the constitutionally of the FF bill and calls his principal witness the Governor of the Central Bank .
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    BoI restoring my tracker at 1.25%

    We're you on a 2 year fixed with a roll over to 1.25℅ tracker ? Did you take out the mortgage with ICS through a broker or was it with BoI mortgage bank ?