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    Ulster Ulster tracker appeal - how long does it take?

    Have you ever received the outcome of your appeal?? @SaySomething
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    Ulster Ulster Bank redress in this quarter

    Jamestkirk i am in the same position received Cheque and letter for min amount when I contacted them was told the breakdown was in my letter I explained I couldn’t see the breakdown of what paid and versus what I should of paid and not sure how it was adjusted they advised they would look into...
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    Ulster Ulster Bank redress in this quarter

    Anybody else deemed impacted last year and still waiting ??
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    Ulster Former First Active now Ulster Bank Customer

    I’ve been deemed impacted last may was promised would be resolved by end of June this year still nothing and they didn’t even bother to tell me how or why there is delay also rang today and advised may not be end of July now it could be weeks so frustrated