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    Padraic Kissane appointed to board of Bank Culture Board!

    Brendan You are wrong again in regards to my position regarding AIB "1615" cases as I refer to them As regards to other comments about the Board take a look at my record and maybe give a little bit of credit as many appear/remain ignorant of my efforts on behalf of all Padraic
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    Charlie Weston wins Campaigning Journalism award for tracker coverage

    I want to pass on my congratulations to Charlie delighted for him and richly deserved He has certainly help to highlight many issues over the years and challenges the status quo all the time. He has certainly been an enormous help to the tracker investigation and wrote about it when no one knew...
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    Start Mortgages buys ptsb loans

    Hi All One aspect of this that is not yet addressed is that all split arrangements have a review date when the entire arrangement is up for review. I dont expect this to be easy for investors if the value of the property represents an immediate return of profit to the Vulture Fund. A short term...
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    EBS EBS giving 500 people back their trackers!

    Hi all I am pleased to confirm that homeowners who held a tracker rate with EBS and subsequently fixed their interest rate are being restored to their tracker rate of interest. This has been a long fought challenge for me and I am pleased it has resulted in being a cohort that is deemed impacted...
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    Ulster Former First Active now Ulster Bank Customer

    No not yet it will take a number of weeks due to systems within Ulster As soon as I know what cohorts are affected I will post again
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    Ulster Former First Active now Ulster Bank Customer

    Hi all I can confirm that there are some first active customers are in the announced numbers What ones I don’t know as yet but will number around 50% if the number disclosed I will know more later it has been a battle for sure but getting there Padraic
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    EBS EBS update Dec 2017

    I know Brendan all these years later who would remember or would they make it up but my info is from ebs records that I have reviewers and checked not just as heresay found it with data access requests still compiling the jigsaw but most certainly not open and shut as being portrayed
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    EBS EBS update Dec 2017

    Part quoting a form can lead many to different conclusions My only argument with ebs has always been the tracker application form is clear You can change from a tracker rate to fix or variable rate once without penalty during the life of the loan Where is the once ‘without penalty’ as yet not...
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    PTSB PTSB 1 year discounted tracker - they have put me back on the right rate

    Hi all I had to reply as I find it interesting that words can be taken to mean what was not intended but some would rather concentrate on that to prove or attempt to disprove a point of view. What is clear and is outlined are the following words; "The interest rate applicable to Tracker...
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    Padraic Kissane's public meeting for KBC borrowers 28th September

    After today's presentation and performance by KBC management (if it could be called that) at the Finance Committee it is critically important that the affected customers start to show their strength in their numbers starting with tonight, see you all later. Padraic
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    Padraic Kissane's public meeting for KBC borrowers 28th September

    Hi all By means of update We have had a very good reply to the notice/invite. It is also up on other boards. HOWEVER: We need as many as possible to attend on the night so I would ask that you continue to spread the word of the meeting. Everyone who has a Tracker issue with KBC should attend...
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    Bank of Ireland before Oireachtas Finance Committee this morning 9.30 am

    Is this a joke Liam McLoughlin states there is a preference for fixed rates Of course there is if you are charging 4.5% variable I lost count on the amount of times fair value was used today in the presentation The spin on the tracker investigation is worth noting Phase 2 is concluded with...
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    KBC KBC told brokers" all fixed rate loans will roll onto trackers on expiry"

    Will be in touch tomorrow re meeting time and location. The date is Thursday 28th September Padraic
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    KBC KBC told brokers" all fixed rate loans will roll onto trackers on expiry"

    Hi all, Firstly I want to acknowledge the frustration you all feel with what is occurring here. This matter has taken far too long to get addressed correctly. I am pleased to finally let you know that I will be writing here in the coming days as well as contacting all who have contacted me...
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    Ulster Bank will not send letters to those they deem not impacted.

    Hi All First letters arrived. In response to "Does cashing the cheque = agreeing to the 'settlement'?" does not prevent you from any form of appeal and is not an agreement to settle. Contact me re other information required, Padraic
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    Ulster Ulster Bank Redress Update

    First letters have begun to arrive Padraic
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    Ulster Bank will not send letters to those they deem not impacted.

    Hi All Following my recent meeting with Ulster Bank I can tell you that the first letters of Redress will begin to issue in the coming week or so. However please note that due to the large amount of cases impacted (around 3,500) it will take some time to work through the number. I asked that...
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    KBC KBC told brokers" all fixed rate loans will roll onto trackers on expiry"

    Hi All It has been sometime since I updated this particular thread. I want to state that there is alot of work done but more to do. For the contributors who are less than confident of the merits of my original claims I can only say at this point 'Watch this space'. It has been a very trying...
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    Banks Before Finance Committee

    Hi All Just wanted to let you know that the Finance Committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled and will be rearranged to another date. (A lot to do with events of today in the Dail). I did however today, have a very constructive meeting with the Chair of the Committee Deputy John...
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    Has anyone been refused the return of their tracker?

    Brendan As you say its only an opinion at present, which is what i am ensuring is addressed to at least create some means of having the matter tested. It would be better to have both options available as the issues could be quiet technical in legal terms and might require courts for a proper...