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    Phone in car - must go to court

    just tell the truth bring your print out, not many challenge this , ask the Garda what he saw, when in court, it has to be beyond a reasonable doubt, judge has to be sure before he can convict, i think you will be ok
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    Investigate marital status

    the short answer is no in ireland. you can not walk into a civil registration office and ask can you find out is john x married. you can get a civil letter of freedom from dept of foreign affairs but again this is not given to third parties as they are generally needed by persons getting...
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    Someone cashed a cheque belonging to me!!

    avontuur, a number of things strike me, it appears you still have not been paid. the issuing party have accepted your non receipt of the cheque and they should honor their commitment to you and re issue a cheque. In order for the gardai to get involved the business need to make a statement...
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    Ulster Bank Systems Down, Many Left Without Money

    no wages in for two weeks, could always use the internet banking, none of my direct debits have left, including ulster bank mortgage, atm transactions shown up. when this is sorted probably best place to have money as they wont want this again. wonder what the true story is. allegedly...
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    Is there a legal way to refuse a subpoena?

    vanessa, he could but he wont for family law, sustanon, stress of going to court, sleepless nights, a myraid of reason, docotrs have been issusing certs for years
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    Is there a legal way to refuse a subpoena?

    what court is the case been heard in, you are obliged to attend, but by in large the judge is unlikely to take any action for a non appearance at a family law case. you could get a sick cert from doctor for day of court. while in its own right family law cases are important, non...
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    Cash buyer for house - what to do re EA?

    be very careful, there is case law about this, you have entered into a contract with EA and they are entitled to whatever percentage agreed for sale. i have seen an estate agent take a person to court for the very same reason. the seller found their own buyer, the judge ruled in favour of...
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    Disneyland Paris

    eurodisney and paris in general is very expensive, €4for bottle of water,€9 for coke,you will need a fair bit of cash for food, but the public transport and entrance fees to other sites are good value
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    Hotel Recommendation Wanted in Belfast

    i stayed in park inn at the back of bbc a week ago, right in the city centre, it had limited but very secure parking,alot of hotels in belfast have no parking.i would stay there again. it was also a one night stay for work
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    supply oil to tenant

    i have claimed for oil put into house by me, done all by accountant, its an expense after all
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    Benalmadena late November

    love benalmadena, dont know about weather, but there is loads for a two year old,big park with birds roaming around, sea world and sea life, a good zoo in fungerlola 20 mins away. you have to appreciate that an amount of places will closed as it is out of season, If you are like us the...
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    social welfare officers unannounced visit : can they search house without permission?

    who ever told her that is speaking rubbish, it would be a case of watching tosee if he was overnighting on a regular basis, but eventhat is hard to prove
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    social welfare officers unannounced visit : can they search house without permission?

    what would they be searching for,you have to have a reason and a search warrant issued under a legal authority to search a house. i cant understant why social welfare do this. i never heard of them searching a house. they are more interested in people and what they are doing.
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    Paris v. Barcelona

    paris all the way, easier to get around was there in late october it is cold, but there is so many sights you won,t notice. you could spent four days in louvre alone and not take it all in, no massive qeues for effil tower, go to one of shows at night but they are expensive. i love paris...
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    Wedding Licence

    if this is an irish wedding you can bring it forward if you have served three months notice, you can also change your date to within six months of your original for no extra fee.e.g. if you were due to get married on 1st june you can delay your date for 6 months later,outside that will cost you...
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    Does a seperated wife have entitlement to a % of husband's pension - early retirement

    I have a friend who worked in civil service he was seperated and re married. his ex wife got 33% of his gratutity. this was the deal worked out via solicitors at time of break up. i suppose if it is not wriiten on paper at the time of seperation or divorce, there is very little recourse...
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    Letting agent V's DIY renting

    i have done both, and have gone back to do it myself, i found agents can be more hassle than tenants, money not right and they pass on the problems
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    co-habiting couple house purchase

    this is a grey area, co habitees who are long term together have the same rights as married couples. although he may put up the cash, she may contribute with furnishing and general up keep of home. if the mortgage is in both names it is jointly owned no matter who stumped up cash. in my...
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    If I rent out my own house will I definitely lose tracker?

    all the bank are intrested in at present is your money, contact your insurers and let them know of change of status. no one from prtb, revenue or councils will be contacting your bank. keep the monthly payments up have it insured for tenants and you will be fine
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    being forced to stay overnight for work.

    no one is obliged to work overtime, i feel maybe if you were more open about why you do not want to go other posters may be more understanding. i feel travelling and time spent at meeting is all working time. if you have to start your return journey the following morning at 7am, your day...