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    Customer service and pricing - Power City, D.I.D. or Harvey Norman

    I'd concur with that. Expert electrical are the strongest electrical retail group at present in Ireland. What's more they are all family run so chances are the salesperson is also the person who can give the discount sort or even do your delivery and any aftersales service you may need .. you...
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    KBC Summary of the KBC Cohorts

    Is the ombudsman hearing any cases at present around the date issue with kbc 'flyer', or do they deem the review incomplete?
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    Family business, tax liablities

    If you are a company director but not a shareholder does that make a difference to how revenue view you for income tax purposes?
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    KBC Summary of the KBC Cohorts

    Is a 'top-up' mortgage considered a new mortgage, or part of the same mortgage?
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    KBC Appeals with KBC

    I am one of the cases who fixed after the flyer of November 06, but has been rejected on the grounds that the application process began before November 2006. They have rejected my case and their position is final. I have not been included in any recent 'new' cases. Id love to get the ball...
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    KBC KBC Announcement Feb 2019

    Anybody on here have recent success with KBC ? Id love to know what the circumstances were surrounding the additional 661 and why they werent deemed impacted in 2017. This is a torturous process death by a 1000 cuts in many ways, I really would love to put the whole episode to bed. Tracker...
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    KBC KBC statement re Tracker rates, PDH V Buy to Let

    Patrick I find myself in a similar situation however I have a PDH loan. I took was issued my loan in January 07 almost 2 months after the flyer However as we initiated the loan application the previous August they don't consider us impacted. Even though we could argue that we reason we went...
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    Central Bank has issued its latest update

    Have these 'new' 1400 accounts been contacted? Any idea what lenders are involved
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    KBC KBC giving me back my tracker!

    Another 1400 impacted cases due to be announced on Monday by the Central bank according to the Irish times report. Any indication what cohorts may be included?
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    KBC KBC the lost cohort deemed "not impacted"

    Did you get anywhere with kbc?
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    KBC KBC giving me back my tracker!

    It's gone very quiet here, I don't suppose anyone has anything new to report ?
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    KBC KBC - redress amounts confirmed?

    Anybody hear anything from kbc lately?
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    KBC KBC giving me back my tracker!

    Any specific cases or cohorts get satisfaction?
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    Supplier rebates and credit note

    Looking for a little help. Recently my business started receiving a rebate for turnover reached with a supplier. paid quarterly in the form of a credit note allocated off my account balance with them. Simple. However they have now began paying the rebate to me by EFT but also issuing a credit...
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    When will the FSO determine that the Tracker examination is complete?

    Got that email also. The tone sounds like the banks have taken a position now that we will see you in court if you think you can take us on.. I'm not hopeful.. he's taking a court case against ptsb on the margin issue.. does that mean bypassing the fso?
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    KBC KBC giving me back my tracker!

    Unfortunately Brendan we are in a position where the FSO won't look at our case as they say the review is not complete. KBC maintain they are finished and my appeal was rejected. It's a complete state of limbo for many .. It's painfully slow, id love to put the whole sorry episode to bed
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    KBC KBC giving me back my tracker!

    Have the CB any powers to force KBCs hand here? Pk believes my case is strong, If cb concur what's the situation?
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    Obligations for new PAYE Reporting

    Apologies if this has been covered but I was hoping that somebody could explain the new 'real time reporting'that revenue are introducing from January 2019. I have read the info on the report on the ros website however I am completely bemused. I have a small business with four employees. We do...
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    KBC cuts Fixed rates

    To take a fixed rate KBC insist on direct debit payments, I currently pay my mortgage by SO weekly rather than monthly and don't want to change. Are they within their rights on this?
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    A (retired) banker's view of why some people can't pay their mortgages

    The false P60 practice was actively encouraged in the Celtic tiger , 3 different brokers in our case enquired if we could manipulate our P60s as we worked with family businesses.. In my greenness I thought it was an acceptable practice. The more broker got for us the more they made, they had...