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    Commuting Kilkenny to Dublin via train

    Hi Newbie, I live not far from Bagenalstown. The drive from Thomastown in itself is quite a drive every day, good enough road but before you even get on the train this is a serious commute everyday. Would you now buy nearer Carlow or even Bagenalstown - there are some nice houses that are not...
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    Recommend resonably priced hotel central london

    Thanks to all who replied, great amount of information there. Checked some of the hotels recommended, and were booked during the dates - london fashion week! I booked the Premier Inn Westminister Bridge - got good reviews got it for £350 for 3 nights. Flying into Gatwick, checked prices on...
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    Recommend resonably priced hotel central london

    Hi, Hoping to travel during midterm with my husband and 12 year old daughter to central london. Any recommendations for a centrally located hotel that doesn't cost the earth. Thanks in Advance. Angela59:)
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    Moving funds from property sale to Ireland from Spain

    Hi Jacko1, Yes the ideal thing would be to break it up, I don't remember a huge fee for clearing my bank draft last year - it just took 3 weeks to clear - so long as the bank draft is an international bank draft. Also just to remind you to claim back your 3% retention tax which will have...
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    Moving funds from property sale to Ireland from Spain

    Hi Jacko, what bank in Spain are you with? I sold my property last year in Spain and transferred some of the funds electronically - and the remainder I got in a bank draft which took 3 weeks to clear but the bank draft I wasn't charged anything to clear - the electronic transfer you are...
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    Have a lump sum to pay down, can I negotiate remaining sum owing?

    I had a lump sum to pay down last year also - basically I purchased a property abroad out of equity released from our family home - we were mortgage free so had 100% equity in house. I sold property abroad took a hit on it, with proceeds paid down the equity mortgage I had taken out, met with...
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    How can I determine if a property in Spain has been sold and the date of sale?

    Hi PMU, Have you any documentation which solicitor or gestator your aunt used in spain? There is a central registar in Madrid for wills. Your aunt might have made a will in Spain also as this is quite common once you own a property there - if you could get hold of a copy of this - it might...
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    Marina Park Lagos, Algarve

    Hi, I suggest you post this question on a forum with more local knowledge of the area. is very good for any one with questions relating to spanish property - pitfalls, taxes etc - not sure if there is one for portugal - you could try posting a question...
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    Town vs Country Living - The Pros & Cons

    Hi, I grew up in the middle of town. Lived in various cities for a while. There is convenience to living in cities - you don't always need to own a car. Built a house in the country 23 years ago - town is 3 miles away. I love living in the country because less noise, more private, space for...
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    Sun holiday recommendation for six 40 yr old lads :-)

    Hi, South Costa Blanca is very accessable with Aer Lingus and Ryan Air, you can fly from Dublin/Shannon into Alicante or Murcia and then hire a car at either airport. There are a multitude of golf courses in south costa blanca area and some fabulous beaches - many of them blue flag. One...
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    Attraction tickets direct

    Hi aido71, Thanks for that. Am looking at next year so flights not released till June or july this year. Hope you have a great time. :)angela59
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    Attraction tickets direct

    Thanks for that information aido71. That is an exceptional price - have been looking at next year, have looked at American Airlines, United, Virgin but at moment expensive flights - some people say book well in advance and other say book 4 months in advance - which stands up to what you did. I...
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    Advice for a fast eviction in Spain please!

    try posting on or either of these forums have people who have knowledge of how things like this work in spain. Good luck. Angela59
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    Attraction tickets direct

    Hi adio71, Do you mind me asking did you buy your airline tickets as soon as they were released or did you wait and just keep watching until they came down? TIA Angela59
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    Attraction tickets direct

    Hi aido71, Thanks for that. Normally don't to packages myself either rather DIY also. Glad for the advice and it is worth checking into one of the hotels on site for extra benefits from what I gather. Let us know how you get on when you return. Safe Journey. Angela59
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    Attraction tickets direct

    Hi adio71, So does undercovertourist work out cheaper for you or the other website you mentioned? Did you book your holiday direct yourself or did you go on a package? We are hoping to go maybe next year or year after, have only just started looking. The florida forums are also quite good...
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    Attraction tickets direct

    Hi aido71, Have never used them but saw them recommended on other forums and they seem to be cheaper Angela59
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    Tips on travelling / holidaying in Torrevieja

    best to ask on this website Angela59
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    eircom phone, broadband and mobile package

    Hi, currently with vodafone for broadband and landline costs E45 per month but generally runs to E50 and mobile with tesco mobile sim only unlimited calls and texts costs E35 have my own basic phone. Out of contract with vodafone and am considering switching to eircom for the following...
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    Would you bring a 2 month old on a sun holiday?

    My Children are teenagers now and I would always consider other people but your reply is the reason I would travel to a sun holiday with a baby.