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    How can I get rte player to work outside Ireland?

    Can anybody tell me if I can get RTE player on my laptop in Europe please? I have tried registering and it is not working for me, is there anything else someone could suggest please? Thanks for reading
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    A cushy number: easiest job you've ever had

    babysitting for children who were always asleep when i got there
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    in car dvd player or other options?

    Thank you so much for the advice. I've learned a lot. I'll be on the lookout for a good deal on amazon. If you see one feel free to post here!!
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    in car dvd player or other options?

    Does anyone know how much would the duty be if I buy from deal extreme and how is it paid? How much memory for movies would the tablet have? Can I attach a dongle to it? Many thanks
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    in car dvd player or other options?

    Great suggestions folks thank you. I have an i omega with lots of movies on it allright so I could make use of it . Love the idea of a cigarette adapter. The gps is fairly essential.
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    in car dvd player or other options?

    Over the years, I have bought two dual screen in car dvd players for my children's use on long journeys. Both from argos, both the dearer end of their selection. They didn't last long. Do I have to just buy another one which probably wont last or are there other options. I thought maybe I...
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    Swing/Slide Play Set Ive seen these in gardens and they look very sturdy. There is a faq page on the website which may answer some queries for you. Not many pictures up I notice. I have absolutely no connection to this business.
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    cant download or install software anymore, any advice?

    thank you both for your replies
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    How does your garden grow? (Fruit & Veg)

    Start collecting jam jars for August. I have victoria plums and conference pears in my garden (among other things) I made lots of pots of jam and it was really easy and tasty.
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    Best campsite - spread out, near airport and beach

    We have stayed at la garangeoire in the vendee area of France. You can book through any of the companies like europarcs or keycamp or directly with the site. Although we drove last year some people I met went from...
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    Can barely afford to live even with decent jobs.

    The big change is childcare and other costs of having a family. That's like paying another mortgage.
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    no sw or tax credits for co habiting jobseeker

    This seems very unfair. A male relative has lost his job. Benefits have now run out. He is living with his partner with whom he has two children. She has a job so after being assessed he does not qualify for any further benefits. However if they were married she could claim his tax...
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    Neighbour looking for access through garden for digger

    I would advise you not to allow access for this digger for a number of reasons some of which were previously outlined. Firstly, the construction of a sun room will require excavating foundation trenches, the removal of topsoil and sub-soil spoil and the use of a range of materials, concrete...
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    cant download or install software anymore, any advice?

    Hi, I dont know what has happened to my computer but I cant download or install any software anymore. I think my installer may be gone. I've tried to download from the internet and failed. Cant even get windows updates from the security centre. Had AVG but I've lost it. Does anybody know how...
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    Bees hanging on the laundry?

    The only thing to do is to shake out the clothes as you take them off the line. Then I would put them in the tumble dryer for a few minutes. I do remember that a bee got stuck in a sock and I put it on my son a few days later. No damage done thankfully
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    TONERGATE : Aengus O'Snodaigh owes Dail €3,700 for printer cartridges since 2009.

    Is there a corresponding amount of paper used over the same time frame? It strikes me that you cant have one without the other. Paper never refuses ink!
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    What's Your Opinion on Bread Making Machines

    I think you would be better off to buy a preserving pan if you are going to make jam. It's heavy and jam doesn't stick to it. You have to evaporate the water off the jam at a high temperature which is hard to do in an ordinary saucepan without burning it.