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    TRS not changed to 30%

    Some news on this:
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    JB for a Co. Director - class A PRSI paid

    That's great, well done. Was it a Social Welfare inspector regarding the JB or Revenue?
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    How overspending by a small amount on a regular basis spiralled into serious debt.

    Fair play to you for the honest appraisal of your situation. At least you admit where you went wrong. There are so many others who think it's everyone else's fault but their own.
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    Coupons Thread

    Sounds good. I'd be interested :)
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    Setting up a website - Performance / Security Considerations

    You could create your own images or use copyright free ones from the web. For example, you can use whatever you like from here: or here:
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    Setting up a website - Performance / Security Considerations

    Hi Conshine, Security: It really depends on what kind of thing the site is set up for. Lets say you want to sell stuff. The credit card end of things is usually done elsewhere on another more robust site. You wouldn't be storing customer bank details on your site. Hosting: Here, you get what...
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    Bank is trying to defraud me!

    I have to say it sounds to me like the OP signed the agreement and has simply forgotten. I would take excellent advice from Yerraboy above if you want to take it further. It sounds very far fetched that the bank would verbally agree and throw €8000 your way with nothing on paper.
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    Where to go from here im confused?

    No, you should exert control over your own life. Don't rely on inheritances. Anything could happen with those houses. Keep saving!
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    Where to go from here im confused?

    Hi Johnycash In my opinion you are doing the right thing. Nobody can predict the future, but with any luck most of us will be old some day. I believe the best thing you can do for your future self as an old person is to own your own home outright. You have the energy and capacity to...
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    How to change these light bulbs ?

    You will have to remove the whole fitting. Bathroom recessed lights are required by regulations to be totally enclosed.
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    HC: The unfinished housing estate list.

    Very interesting. It's going to give Local Authorities a hell of an incentive to finish those estates and to get those people on the home charge list.
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    TRS not changed to 30%

    Hope we get interest on that. At Revenue rates, of course :)
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    Question about bond yields, and redemption value.

    That's a question i've been asking myself too. Do deposits in domestic banks or for example, do Solidarity Bonds carry the same risk as Government Bonds? I mean if I bought Solidarity Bonds at 4% for 10 years, is it the same risk as buying 10 year Government Bonds at 13% ?
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    Going to Marbella for 2 weeks. Anyone been recently?

    I'm asking myself the same question!! It's a rarity alright.
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    Going to Marbella for 2 weeks. Anyone been recently?

    Thanks Monte. I see that place has super reviews on the net. Getting hungry now!!
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    Going to Marbella for 2 weeks. Anyone been recently?

    I'm off to Marbella for a wedding and expanding it into a 2 week holiday. Has anyone suggestions of nice restaurants etc or other recommendations for the area? Married couple in our mid 30's. Not bringing the kids. Thanks!
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    Planning a short trip to the West of Ireland

    I'd recommend doing a bus tour. It's very informative and you and your friend will learn a lot and visit a lot more places than you might plan for. Doolin is a defo. Lisdoonvarna too. Try plan around some events in Galway maybe.
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    House left to me 4y ago with an exclusive right of residence to a non family member?

    Do this person pay you rent? Do you pay the second home tax on the property? Just wondering are you acting as a landlord for all the normal landlord activities, because landlord rights are very clear cut regarding entry to the property.