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    Nu Haus / HomeXtend - Renovations

    I’m the very same! Contacted them during the week, they also have a separate architect firm, a sister company. First consultation is in their offices which I find a little strange, surely they should see the property. I haven’t actually made an apt as a result. I would imagine you’d pay for that...
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    Bank redundancies

    Hi all, Does anyone have a view on whether the Banks specifically AIB will have further voluntary redundancies, based on the current financial performance, for staff outside of their restructuring units? My partner works there and is considering a next move. Many thanks
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    Invest €500 pm for 10 years

    Hi all, Looking for some thoughts please on the best way to invest €500 per month which I wouldn’t need to access for 10 years. I would say I have a moderate attitude to risk. I’m 41 so would need to access before retirement age. Many thanks.
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    AIB Aib ex staff - getting €1,650 compensation

    Hi there See some posts re AIB staff mortgages.....does anyone know if AIB changed the contracts they used at some point between 2005 and 2006/2007. Mine was taken out in 2005 and doesn’t seem to have wording in it to the effect that the mortgage could be put on tracker at the end of any fixed...
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    Got a credit union loan to finance secondary and college fees, after remortgage refused

    Definitely worth talking to credit union, I borrowed €25k a couple of years ago, @ 5% with just €2k on deposit. I do think they are making case by case decisions, the traditional approach of 25% savings doesn’t necessarily apply. Lucky kids :)
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    Recommend a Financial Advisor and a Solicitor in Kildare please?

    Hi All, Planning to get my affairs in order, after much procrastinating! I need a solicitor to make a will and a fee based financial advisor to advise on life cover and pension. I'm in the Naas area, but happy to travel within reason. Many thanks!