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    According to o2, when a monthly billing account is closed the online account closes also so there would be no further access to the address book.

    It doesn't have an export facility.

    Mine contains many contacts - can anyone suggest a way of saving the contacts list?

    I'm aiming to move to Tesco SIM-only pre-pay - sould the contacts be imported from the o2 account in to the Tesco webtext address book?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have an o2 account. This way is crude but will give you an excel list.

    Send a webtext to all your contacts, could be a short message or just a fullstop or whatever. You can then download activity ie texts/calls to excel and sort your contacts.
    If you have > 250/500 contacts I don't know as you only have 250 OR 500 free webtexts per month.

    A lot easier.....I just had a look at the o2 webtexts there. You can print your webtext contact list to file ie PDF. You can then convert this to text,copy,paste to excel, small bit of manipulation and you have an excel/csv list of contacts. I don't know anything about the Tesco side.
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    Here's what you need to import contacts to webtext in Tesco mobile (copied from their webtext page)

    Please upload a comma delimited file containing your contacts. The file should be in the format Contact Name, contact number eg joe bloggs, 0123456789, jim fix, 00353123456789. The system ignores all whitespace except for spaces between names and numbers. All numbers must be in valid Irish or International Format.