Living in UK and tax on Irish rental income

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    I recently found out that foreign rental income has to be declared on self assessment forms in the Uk (I've been here 9 years and i'm a higher rate PAYE taxpayer). My brother and me have a jointly owned property in Ireland which my brother pays tax on annually (he's lived in Germany for 15 years). The rent is paid into a joint account in my name and an agent who has mangaged repairs, etc. Before I left for England it was easier for me to set up an account in my name and agent's as my brother had been out of the country longer.
    My question is whether I have to declare this rental income as I don't benefit from it nor remit it to the Uk.
    Any advice would be great,
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    Can you clarify what you mean when you say you don't benefit from this income?
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    Thanks for replying.
    The income goes to my brother as I've waived the right to income.Otherwise funds in the account go into maintenance for the property and insurance,etc.
    Any withdrawals I have made have been for my brother or to pay running costs