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Discussion in 'Emigration and the Irish abroad' started by Brynick, Feb 9, 2004.

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    They seem to be backpackers there for a year not sure you could do those kind of jobs fulltime plus I really would not like to live in those areas fulltime as they are extremelly remote.

    Just looking at earlier posts on this thread regarding how much cheaper it is over there - I agree that would have been the case back in 2004/05 but not now. My missus is ozzie and go and visit every 3 years or so- I was back there in May and could not get over how expensive it had become. I reckon it is about 20% more expensive then here for most things Food very pricey, cars more expensive then here (petrol cheaper), Housing as bad as it was 2/3 years ago but at 7/8% mortgage rates. Spent most of my time betwen Newcastle/central coast and sydney. Eating out bar RSLs and food courts has got alot more pricey as well, you can buy an Ozzie bottle of wine here in some cases cheaper then in OZ.

    Newcastle is no tourist town and used to always be alot cheaper then Sydney but even there is catching up and easily as pricey as here.
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    Lived in Melbourne for 3 years and loved it. Great city, weather is changeable but a hell of alot better than here. Restaurants are great and way better value than here - there is no comparison in terms of quality and value. Supermarkets and food shopping is not cheaper though.
    Most of all for kids it is great - loads of parks, sports is huge over there, easy to get around and they tend to breed more confident children I feel (whether that is a good thing or not!).
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    if i was 10 years younger i would go!!
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    That is def not true - house prices in the cities is worse then it was here at the peak, food ain't cheap anymore either.
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    Try Queensland - about one hour north of Brisbane, there are a few towns e.g. Buderim - heaven on earth.
    All the cities are expensive - I have lived in Sydney and Darwin and although Darwin is a fantastic place to live it does get hot and humid.
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    If I was to emigrate - It would be to gain experience.

    I am from an accountancy/business studies background - mut my work experience over the last 10 years has been admin/customer services.

    Is it hard to find jobs in OZ?

    I am over the 30 mark - Is it difficult/ costly to get a visa?
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    Guys, I am looking to apply for a VISA. I am not too sure if I should be applying for the 457 or 176 VISA.

    I too am a Civil/Structural Engineer. My understanding is that I need to fill out the documentation via the Washington Accord, as attached Form.pdf

    1. Degree manuscript & any other college manuscripts
    2. College results
    3. CV
    4. Passport copy
    5. Get all documentation stamped by a solicitor
    6. IELTS as I am over the required working holiday Visa

    What other documentation do I require?
    Previous work pay slips, are these required?
    Previous work contract?
    Can someone add to the list and put them in an order of when they are required. Thanks
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    I've been to Perth over 20 times. Also done Melbourne, Alice Springs, Cairns etc.

    Perth is a great city for a family. As a single girl, I found it limited. Some lovely places, but once you've seen the CBD (all of three streets) nothing. Nice going up to coast and also down to Margaret River.

    Lots of family over there and they are all married by 22! All my family live north of the river in Hillarys which is gorgeous.

    For me - nice for a holiday but not for work.

    Mind you, I loved Melbourne. For me, it was the city most like New York I have ever seen.
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    176 visa all the way as it is a state sponsored visa with permanent residency attached and not tied to a particular employer. You will be entitled to full medicare and social welfare (Centerlink).

    A 457 visa is a long term temporary business visa sponsored by a particular employer and with LAFHA being abolished in july is way inferior as you will not be entitled to social welfare or full medicare.
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    Hi, I am currently living in Melbourne after emigrating 7 months ago. I moved on my own to a partner (which is since an ex-partner). Yes you will earn more money and contracting is a good option. But there are major drawbacks, your visa option limit the job you can get and employers ask a lot of questions about your visa and the paperwork that goes with them. The cost of living is rising and eating out is expensive. The moving over and setting yourself up is also expensive. I would advise to really think through your options, because once you’re out here and set up it is a very expensive U turn to return home, which I am thinking of now doing. Also you will be amazed that you miss the current climate in Europe with recession but you will miss silly things, and it is hard for family members to visit.
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    I have lived in Sydney and in Darwin, over a period of 15 years. But if I could go back and I have the passport, I would like to either settle in Queensland, but away from Brisbane. Some of the towns along the coast to Cairns have idyllic climates and are big enough to provide a good lifestyle without being too expensive. House prices aren't too bad. I have been back here some time now and the weather is the killer, especially the 10 months of winter.
    Go and greet the Aussies - most of them are great people