best place to emigrate?

Discussion in 'Emigration and the Irish abroad' started by galway2008, Jun 25, 2008.

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    hi all,

    Im hoping to emigrate in the next few months. i need to try and start making decent money and start saving(dont well all!!!) Im in the Financial sector and feel its prob a good idea to emigrate at the moment. Can anyone recommend the best country than may be experiencing a boom, and can provide a good standard of living??
    all comments appreciated..
  2. Welfarite

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    I hear Poland is booming.....
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    Gibraltar! No language barrier, nice climate, strong financial sector and 5 min from Spain.
  4. galway2008

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    Cant imagine making any money in Poland.. is that not why half the country is here!!
  5. Caveat

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    Depends on sector etc but in general, Polish salaries are about one quarter of Irish salaries.
  6. QED

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    I heard that Australia has lots of jobs in financial sector.

    The dollar is weak though so I don't think you could hope to work there short/medium term and return with lots of euros.
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    I been hearing Qatar quite a bit apparently the new dubai.. anyone been there know anyone out there??
  8. monkeyboy

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    See this thread I posted with comparison of prices Dublin V Oz.

    For example. Our company is seeking a Financial controller pays 100k AUD 10% on top company paid pension. . Thats about 61k e 6100e pa into a pension fund of your choice. All costs of living much less than home, see attached.

    Im finding I have much more spare cash than I ever did at home and am saving a lot too.
    Also doing a whole lot more too with w/e away and eating out. The quality of life is just unreal. Life is the way I always imagined it should be.

    The AUD may be worth less but you earn more nominally and 6 months on here, Im pretty confident in stating that I am far better off financially and have the comfort of some form of pension, without worrying about it from my own pocket!
    So long as I am happy renting and taking advantage, of high deposit rates, here Im pretty happy its the place to be.

    Irish are very emploable here and get favourable grading in appkication for visa etc. Skills shortage is still very evidet from trades to professionals.
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    what about the likes of Luxembourg, Bahamas, Cayman Islands.

    All good for finance / funds roles. Perhaps look into finding a
    recruitment agency that deals in these areas and have a chat.
    You are under no obligation to "go" with them of course.
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    ClubMan's suggestion isn't a bad one. There's a good life to be lived in Shanghai, I would say.
  12. eileen alana

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    What about them earthquakes. How about Canada?
  13. HMC

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    In your line of work Luxembourg is the place to be. It has the highest standard of living in Europe.
    You could also consider Jersey and Bermuda.
    I lived there (unfortunately) on two separate occasions (don't ask) in the 1990s and hated it both times but know plenty who wouldn't dream of living anywhere else. Language isn't a problem. English is widely spoken, as are German and French, and there's also the delightful Luxembourgish if you fancy a challenge.
    I'd avoid China - too much spitting.
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    Thanks for the comments :)

    I dont think China is for me at the moment considering the earthquakes,
    I think why im finding it difficult to decide is the fact that im in my mid 20's so only have 2.5 yrs experince in finance, i have a degree and im almost qfa qualified.. but the jobs i keep coming accross are senior positions..maybe im just not researching properly but i havent come accross anything that i can apply for let alone get the job!!
    Luxembourg sounds interesting aswell might look into that also..
  16. pinkyBear

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    Would you think about Jersey or Guernsey? great weather, great lifestyle, Financial Industry the backbone of the islands..
  17. PADDYBOY99

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    Australia. Shorts nine months of the year. What more do you need to know given this winter , I mean summer.
  18. queenlex

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    Great weather? Off teh coast of northern France??? THat surely wouldnt be the reason you'd go to either of these probably lovely islands...
  19. PaddyW

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    Galway, did you end up emigrating? Let us know where you went!
  20. Simeon

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    Passe! That was then and this is now.:) Except for the grub;)