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Default Apple tree pruning

I need my two apple trees pruned, and the cuttings taken away, I know there are lots of Polish workers etc around who advertise they can do this, or a lot of unscupulous types with noo experience (garden butchers) does anyone have a reliable contact in the Dublin area who actually knows what they are doing. The trees are a real feature of my house so I need somebody who has experience in pruning rather than someone who will just lop off a few branches and charge me a fortune. I could even take the clippings away myself, just someone who knows how hard and where I should prune them back, they are 50 years old, still bearing good fruit and I want them to stay healthy...
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Default Re: Apple tree pruning

Further to Irish Garden's reply to your previous thread, you'll see that pruning apple trees takes a bit of skill.

I certainly wouldn't trust a random guy who advertises in the local paper - you'll need to contact a landscape gardener I'd say - but it'll likely cost you. As you say, these apple trees are a great feature, and treated right will still be producing fruit long after you've departed this planet.

Would you fancy having a go yourself following the information in the Irish Gardener forum? Or get yourself an RHS fruit book from the library, it'll have pictures showing exactly what to do.

Although if they're Bramley's they'll be absolutely massive if they're 50 years old, so you'd probably be better getting in a pro.
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