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Default Wanted: Financial planner

Iím looking for a financial adviser who will help me make a decision on an investment - whether to sell or hold onto a UK investment property I bought 6 years ago.

Iím looking to pay a fee to get a projected forecast Ė euros and cents Ė of the potential performance of the investment over the next 15 years. I can provide the assumptions and we can look at several scenarios. I would want to compare that projected outcome with alternatives for the cash that will be available to invest once it is sold.

The reason Iím reviewing is that it has been in negative equity for the last 24 months or so but now, since Iíve been paying full interest mortgage, the mortgage is now less than the value and I might look in spring to sell it, albeit writing off the money Iíve spent on it to date. I am currently paying approx. 60% of the mortgage + other costs, with a tenant paying the remainder. It has always rented.

Iím not looking for someone elseís opinion about the state of the UK property market etc; Iím looking for a financial planner to treat it as any other financial investment.
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