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Review and Public Consultation of the Smoky Coal Ban Regulations

On 12 April 2012 Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government, Phil Hogan T.D., announced a review and public consultation of the ‘smoky coal ban’ regulations. The purpose of the consultation exercise is to inform and assist a review of the smoky coal ban regulations to ensure that they remain fit for purpose in safeguarding air quality by limiting harmful emissions of air pollutants arising from the use of residential fuels. The consultation paper reviews the regulations to date and identifies relevant considerations relating to their effective implementation in the context of developments over the twenty years since their introduction.
Any person or body wishing to comment on any of the issues raised in the consultation paper is invited to make written submissions. All responses should be made by Thursday, 17th May 2012.

Further Information

Environmental Compliance and Air Quality Section,
Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government,
Newtown Rd,
Telephone: +353 (0)53 911 7351
Fax: +353 (0)53 911 7603
E-mail: airquality@environ.ie

Summary Questions for Public Consultation
1. Do you agree with the EPA recommendation that the ‘smoky’ coal ban should be extended to cover all urban areas?
2. Do you have a view on the appropriateness of the current restricted area definition in relation to any of the cities or towns currently designated as restricted areas?
3. Do you agree that the burning of restricted fuels in restricted areas should be regulated to complement the ban on the marketing, sale and distribution?
4. Do you believe that enforcement of the regulations can be improved? If so, how can this best be achieved?
5. Do you believe that new statutory sulphur standard for ‘smoky’ bituminous coal for sale outside ban areas will assist implementation of the ‘smoky’ coal regulations? Are there areas where synergies between the two might be strengthened?

This thread relates to the public consultation process.

If you wish to discuss the issues raised please do so at this thread: Discussion: Should ban on sale of smokey coal be extended to small rural areas?

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