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Default Re: Guide for unemployed people; What to do?

Originally Posted by Welfarite View Post
How do I qualify for Jobseeker’s Benefit (‘stamps’) payment?

First of all, you must have 2 years PRSI paid: 104 weeks contributions. Then, you must have at least 39 weeks paid or credited in the governing year. In 2008, this is 2006 and from Jan 2009, this will be 2007. You must be looking for full-time employment, as well as being capable of and available to work.
Just wondering what does credited mean in the context above?

I was working and paying PAYE & PRSI for 32 weeks in the governing year (2007) and I was on Jobseeker's Benefit for the remainder of 2007. Would I qualify for JB if I was unemployed in 2009?

Thanks for this very useful info!