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Default Re: Guide for unemployed people

More information on loss of employment and redundancy:

Loss of employment

You must have suffered a substantial loss of employment in any period of six consecutive days in order to be eligible for Jobseeker's Benefit. This means, you must have lost at least one day's employment and as a result of this loss be unemployed for at least 3 days out of 6 days. Your earnings must also have been reduced because of the loss of employment.

You may be disqualified from getting Jobseeker's Benefit for 9 weeks if you:
  • Left work voluntarily and without a reasonable cause
  • Lost your job through misconduct
  • Refused an offer of suitable alternative employment or suitable training. Suitable employment does not include the employment in a job that is vacant because of a trade dispute. In addition, it does not include employment in the district you last worked at a lower rate of pay or less favourable conditions than applied in you last job. Finally, suitable employment also does not include employment in another district to the one you worked in last, at a lower rate of pay or on less favourable conditions than are the general norm in that particular district.
  • Are aged under 55 and get a redundancy payment of more than €50,000. The exact length of your disqualification (up to nine weeks) will in practice, depend on the precise amount of redundancy payment you received (see keypost above).

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